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February 2010, Volume 39 No. 6, Page 2

News for our members

Our next meeting

Our next meeting will be starting at 7 PM on Thursday February 4th

Clinic: Gordon Fewster will present a presentation on “The CASS RR”

Summary: Grodon has a a slide show from a visit to the May '07 Cass Railfan Weekend in West Virginia.

Have an interesting idea for a clinic that you can do.
Please call Fred Coleman to schedule your time today!
Hurry, there is a limited availability, call now for preferred placement.

Minutes of the Division Meeting, Thursday, January 14, 2010

The meeting scheduled for January 7 was postponed due to weather. The meeting was called to order at 7:00 PM

Bill Seibert, representing the nominating committee presented a slate of officers to fill the empty positions, proposing Fred Coleman for superintendent and Dave Anderson for assistant superintendent. There were no nominations from the floor. The proposed slate was adopted by affirmative voice vote. They will serve until the regular elections are held later this year. The other officers will continue to serve.

Fred Coleman reported on the Train Show, scheduled for March 5 and 6 in the new Exhibition Building at the WNC Agriculture Center. With over 30,000 square feet of floor space, there is plenty of room for exhibitors and layouts, and he is looking for both. He reported that over 50 tables were rented, but hoped to double that number. There is a space for running our usual food concession. There is also plenty of free parking and easy access, making this venue much more attractive than others we have used.

We all need to get the word out and promote this important event and plan to participate.

Fred circulated a list asking all present to verify their NMRA status. He reported that he will apply to NMRA to have us recognized as a 100 percent NMRA club.

During the break we had an opportunity to admire several of Jack Mershon’s latest creations. We thank him for the opportunity to see them and hopefully inspiring us to build better buildings for our own model pikes.

Joseph Norris provide us with an entertaining and informative presentation focusing on layout design that will add interesting operational aspects to a model railroad where space is limited. Like how to pass two trains when the sidings are not long enough for either train. He also brought up some classic switching puzzle arrangements. Great job Joe, thank for the thought provoking presentation

WNC Model Railroaders is a group on Facebook.
(for those that know what that is, if not ask someone younger in age)

A brief report on the Land O’Sky (Division 15, SER, NMRA) meeting

As a consideration to our members we are including a report on the Land O’Sky meeting. (NOTE: The Land O'Sky is a division of the Southeastern Region of the National Model Railroad Association. As defined by Article VII of NMRA regulations, all NMRA members residing in the following zip codes in western NC, are Land O’Sky members: 28018, -24, -40, -43, -76, 28139, 28604, -14, -16, -18, -22, -46, -52, -53, -57, -62, -64, 28701, -04, -05, 28707 through 34, 28736 through 39, 28741, -42, -45, -46, -48, -49, 28751 through 54, 28756, -58, 28760 through 62, -66, -68, 28770 through 72, 28774, -84, 28786 through 90, 28792, -93, 28801 through 06, 28901, -02, -04, -06, and -09)

Land O'Sky held its quarterly meeting on January 16 at the library in Fletcher.

Superintendent Frank Pearsall welcomed those present. Frank introduced Ken O’Brian as the Assistant Superintendent, Mike Nicoletti as the Paymaster and Ben Bartlett as the Company Clerk Ben Bartlett will also serve as the AP Chainman.

Elections were held. The officers listed above were elected. In an effort to provide continuity, elections for the several offices will be staggered. Frank and Mike will serve for two years; Ken and Ben will serve for one year.

Land O'Sky bylaws were presented, discussed, and approved.

Mike reported that a chat group has been established at

Fred Coleman reported on the WNC Model Railroaders’ 20th Annual Train Show scheduled for March 5 and 6 at the WNC Agriculture Center.

Fred Coleman is a Candidate for Vice president of the Southeastern Region, NMRA. The Region Convention is in Birmingham, Alabama, May 21 and 22.

Dan Lang reported on progress at the Depot in Hendersonville. The Asheville Division of the Apple Valley Model Railroad has been dismantled and renovations to the room are underway. A new layout will built with a goal of having trains running by Labor Day 2010.

Chuck Place reported that the French Broad “N’pire Railroad is temporarily shut down due to the cold weather, but will resume operations in the spring. They also have a commitment to a major renovation with a rearrangement of the existing modules and construction of several more that will double the running distance for trains traveling on their layout. They will have a show on April 24.

Frank displayed an interesting structure and described the paint used and the process for adding advertising signs to the building.

Ben Bartlett offered an interesting presentation on the NMRA Gold Spike award and encouraged participation.

The next meeting of Land O'Sky is scheduled for April 17.