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May 2009, Volume 38 No. 9, Page 2

News for our members

Our next meeting

Our normal business meeting which will start at 7 PM on Thursday May 7th.

Clinic: Model Railroading Magazines by: Frank Persall.

Summary:A review of model railroading magazines.

Operating Sessions on the LOST RR

Sessions: Thursday, May 14 at 6:30 PM and Sunday, May 24 at 6:30 PM.

Fun Run: Befor the meeting staring at 5:30 PM.
Please contact Wally Brown at 683 Ė 1976 if you can help.

The Operations Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 21st at 7:00 pm.

Have an interesting idea for a clinic that you can do. Please call Fred Coleman to schedule your time today! Hurry, there is a limited availability, call now for preferred placement.

Health and Welfare

David Purcell passed away on April 21, following a long illness. A past superintendent and very active member will be missed. Our deepest sympathy, thoughts and prayers go out to Linda and family. We share their sorrow at his passing.

Minutes of the Division Meeting

Ken Granzin, Company Clerk

President John Williams called the meeting to order and began the clubís business with the Treasurerís report.

Ben Bartlett had nothing to report regarding achievement this month.

Wally Brown spoke on operations. The recent operations session was cancelled because the layout was not set up and running. At its last meeting, the Module Committee is discussed moving one operating session a month to a weeknight. Please give the Committee your input if you are interested. The Committee considered how to keep three trains running on a continuous basis at LOST RR showings. Thus evolved the Train Show Rules of the Road that Wally distributed. Wally pledged to use these rules on 4 April at the showing in Hickory. There are eight rules, plus specified directions for the three trains to run. Also under consideration by the Committee is a once-monthly general running session without any schedule, train list, or operations during this time -- just an opportunity to run your trains as you want, basically for fun (your definition) and a track available for DC (analog) motive power.

There was no report from the barn, given Pennís absence and no input from other barn workers.

Fred Coleman provided some news regarding absent club members.

Dan Lang reported on the open house where he displayed his new layout on 25 March.

John Williams reported that all track is now laid at Lake Junaluska. Members are invited to join in the construction project. For information, contact John Williams or Bill Siebert.

The Apple Valley Model Railroad Club is proceeding well with its layout expansion. On Saturday, 16 April, the Club will join in the festivities of the Bizarre Bazaar on 7th Avenue East in Hendersonville by holding an open house at the train depot (located at the intersection of 7th and the railroad tracks).

Frank Pearsall showed a newly-available Carstens Publications book on building structures, Model Railroad Structures From A to Z - by Wayne and Mary Cay Wesolowski; it is reasonably priced for the content, which should be of interest to many members. Frank was asked "What scale is it for?", he replied "Yes!". (Webmaster note for those who don't know Frank: It is independent of scale, deals with principles that are universal.) You can probably find it for purchase on their website or calling Carstens Publications at 888-526-5326, if your hobby shop does not have it. For a review of the book click here.

John Williams said The Semaphore is now available monthly on the internet thanks to the expertise of our Webmaster, Dave Anderson, resulting in significant financial savings for the club, and allowing for a greater volume of such features as photographs, which can be in color. Videos can also be shown.

John Williams announced plans for a trip to the NC Transportation Museum, tentatively in May. The museum features mainly railroad equipment and structures, but also exhibits other means of transportation such as interesting automobiles. You can ride the train around the sizable grounds and even ride a rotating turntable. Contact John if you are interested in joining the group going to Spencer.

The LOST RR modular layout was exhibited in Hickory on 4 April at the train show sponsored by the Alexander Chapter, SRHS.

John Williams spoke of the sizable contribution to our hobby that is made by the NMRA. He emphasized the importance of the standards that have been established by the NMRA; for example, they have prevented confusion in the formats used for digital control. As another example, the associationís website lists such standards as the appropriate weight for each car (weights can be added by fishing sinkers, tire-balancing weights, and modeling clay. Visit the NMRA website for details. John provided a handout listing appropriate weights.

The SER convention will be held 12-14 June in Pensacola, FL The registration charge is $75 if paid by 1 May, $95 if paid thereafter.

John Williams wants a by-laws committee to work on separating the divisionís from WNC Model Railroad (WNCMRR) club in our by-laws. WNCMRR club does not require NMRA membership whereas Division 15 which does. The issue is primarily one of dealing with technical issues of membership also streamlining and separating the two entitiesí by-laws. Notify John if you will work on this matter.

After the business meeting, Gordon Fewster presented ideas regarding Unique Buildings for your Model Railroad. Gordon provided many suggestions on creating your own variation of the model buildings you purchase as kits; i.e., kitbashing. He displayed several impressive examples of his own work. He also dealt with techniques for making your own decals using computer printers and a word processing program. His handout gave many tips for modeling unique buildings and provided very complete instructions for making decals, some of the instructions taken from Micro-Mark.

If anyone who collected extra handouts when we dismissed the meeting, please remember to bring them to the May meeting, so that handouts will be available for members absent from Aprilís meeting.

Copies of the Train Show Rules of the Road for the LOST RR modular layout and for the appropriate weights to use for your cars will also be available at that time.

Here are some examples of Gordon's Work: Wheel changing a caboose Wheel changing a caboose Wheel changing a caboose Wheel changing a caboose Wheel changing a caboose