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June 2009, Volume 38 No. 10, Page 2

News for our members

Our next meeting

Our normal business meeting which will start at 7 PM on Thursday June 4th.

Clinic: Logging Railroad Detail by: Joe Norris.

Summary:Joe will explain and show some logging railroad detail for our enjoyment. (considering his other work it will be interesting to see what he will be showing us.)

Operating Sessions on the LOST RR

Sessions: Are suspended due to remodeling of the Barn for changing of the Eliada Home program.

The Operations Committee meeting is scheduled for Thursday, June 18th at 7:00 pm.

Have an interesting idea for a clinic that you can do.
Please call Fred Coleman to schedule your time today!
Hurry, there is a limited availability, call now for preferred placement.

Module Showing

The division will take the LOST RR (HO modules) to Charlotte for their 27 June show. Your help is needed on for loading , setting up; for running trains, and packing the mod-ules and unloading at the barn. Please contact Wally Brown at 683 1976 if you can help.

Layout for sale

Jim Stefen has contacted us with the following message: I have a very large layout of the Durango Silverton HO model RR. We are selling our house and I need to sell the complete set. I have sev-eral trains, lots of cars & engines, houses, hand built, houses, cars, people, lots of track, many ex-tras, roundhouse, you need to see it. This would be a great project if several people got together on it. I never did finish the layout but it's pretty much on it's way to completion. It comes apart in 3/4 sections. It's been a labor of love but can be no more. I will e-mail pictures. I live close to Maggie Valley at exit 15 (Fines Creek area). Please call me at 828-627-9676 So anyone wanting to jump start their layout building, please call Jim Stefen, or contact the webmaster for his email.

Now you can have your own (full sized) caboose

Perhaps you might like to own a real caboose for a club house, hobby house, or even a guest house but have been concerned about the cost. We may have an answer. We custom design and build full size do-it your-self framing kits, of your-design cabooses. We can build these kits up to 40 feet exte-rior size, to be assembled for as little as $4000.

Our product includes the basic frame, constructed of lumber and steel, and since we only ship the un-assembled frame, allowing you to pur-chase standard sized lumber locally, we are able to hold shipping costs to a minimum. And, the use of innovative materials and design holds the cost down further. Assembly is easy, requiring 2 people with ordi-nary tools and no special skills to assemble the frame in about two days.

We strive to blend authenticity with the needs of our customers and while we build a caboose up to 40 feet by 12 feet or more. Because of our design flexibility and the unpredictable needs of our customers, we prefer to have our customers purchase their own windows and doors, placing them where ever they want, as many as they want, and in their choice of sizes and styles. We invite you to visit our website or call 951-302-3084 to discuss your requirements.