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July 2009, Volume 38 No. 11, Page 2

News for our members

Our next meeting

Our normal business meeting will be at regular meeting spot starting
at Noon on Saturday July 18th.

Clinic: None scheduled. Hey it’s our annual Picnic. Contact Fred if you are coming by email or call 669-0983, we need a good count to have the right amount of club food.

Summary:Just a fun day of food and bull sessions. Contact Fred Coleman about what you can contribute in the way of supplemental food items.

Operating Sessions on the LOST RR

Sessions: Are suspended due to remodeling of the Barn for changing of the Eliada Home program.

The Operations Committee meeting is scheduled
for Thursday, July 16th at 7:00 pm.

Have an interesting idea for a clinic that you can do.
Please call Fred Coleman to schedule your time today!
Hurry, there is a limited availability, call now for preferred placement.

Module Showing

The division will take the LOST RR (HO modules) to Charlotte for their 27 June show. Your help is needed on for loading , setting up; for running trains, and packing the mod-ules and unloading at the barn. Members interested in participating in the showing should contact Fred Coleman (phone: 669-0983).

Layout for sale

Jim Stefen has contacted us with the following message: I have a very large layout of the Durango Silverton HO model RR. We are selling our house and I need to sell the complete set. I have sev-eral trains, lots of cars & engines, houses, hand built, houses, cars, people, lots of track, many ex-tras, roundhouse, you need to see it. This would be a great project if several people got together on it. I never did finish the layout but it's pretty much on it's way to completion. It comes apart in 3/4 sections. It's been a labor of love but can be no more. I will e-mail pictures. I live close to Maggie Valley at exit 15 (Fines Creek area). Please call me at 828-627-9676 So anyone wanting to jump start their layout building, please call Jim Stefen, or contact the webmaster for his email.

Minutes of the Division Meeting, Thursday, June 7, 2009

Ken Granzin, Company Clerk

The meeting opened at 7:00 p.m. John welcomed our visitors.

There was no Treasurer’s report because of the absence of the Paymaster.

The Finance Committee has not yet provided a recommendation regarding the upcoming increase in annual dues.

There was no information from the Module Committee.

At this time, we have no place to set up the HO modules on the Eliada grounds.

We do have a place to store the modules and associated equipment in a building on the grounds. We have hopes a building soon will be provided where we can set up the modules for operations and construction activities in the future.

The N-scale equipment and layouts, as well as the “German” HO layout, will be moved downstairs in the barn, where we will continue our work with the youth of Eliada. These layouts and equipment come from donations and they belong to Eliada. Our work with the youth will share the space down-stairs with proposed classes in arts and crafts conducted by others.

Fred reported on the upcoming showing of our HO modular layout on 27 June in Charlotte as part of the train show at the Charlotte Fairgrounds. The modules will be transported to Charlotte on Friday the 26th for the one-day show on Saturday. The layout will be torn down following the show and returned to Asheville that evening. Members interested in participating in the showing should contact Fred.

John thanked Wally for his major contribution to operations in the barn.

Dan spoke of pending changes involving the Asheville Branch of the Apple Valley Club’s layout in Hendersonville. Our club members would be impressed by the fine work that has been recently completed on this layout. The Apple Valley club has a layout for Thomas the Tank Engine at the planning stage, reflecting the great popularity of Thomas and friends with younger visitors. John reported that the layout at Lake Junaluska has reached the stage where scenery is being in-stalled. You can visit the layout in the lobby of the Terrace Hotel at the lake. Your participation in this work will be always appreciated. Contact John, Jack Mershon, or Bill Seibert for further infor-mation.

The SER convention will be held 10-14 June in Tallahassee, FL. The NMRA national convention will be held 5-11 July in Hartford, CN. Those interested in the latter convention can register without be-ing members of the NMRA for a $25 charge.

The club’s annual picnic will be held Saturday, 18 July at noon. The club will finance the major share of the food. Call Fred about what you can contribute in the way of supplemental food items. There will be no other club meeting in July.

Boom Loader Diorama Joe Norris presented the clinic on “Boom Loader -The Historical Spar Tree.” Using his notebook computer, Joe showed pictures, drawings, and photographs related to lumber operations in the woods. The spar tree, approximately 100 feet tall, provides the vertical member of a very heavy-duty apparatus used for swinging logs from their means of delivery from the woods onto rail cars.

N scale Trestle Joe also showed an N-scale model of this apparatus, as well as a trestle bridge, both of which he scratchbuilt.
Joe provided copies of an informative handout, complete with pictures, diagrams, and references dealing with boom loaders. If you missed getting one, he has a few extra copies that will be available at the next meeting.
For more pictures of the Boom loader and trestle (click here).

The meeting adjourned at 8:00 p.m.