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November 2009, Volume 39 No. 3, Page 2

News for our members

Our next meeting

Our next meeting will be starting at 7 PM on Thursday November 1st

Clinic: Small Layout Operations: Hard work in a small space.

Summary: Joe Norris will present a power point presentation that will explore ways to increase operational complexity with little trackage. The possibilities can apply to large layouts as well.

Raffle Tickets

We have reach a 100 tickets sold. We need more sales, please join in the fun. Contact Fred Coleman for more info.

Have an interesting idea for a clinic that you can do.
Contact Fred Coleman by phone or e-mail to schedule your time today!
Hurry, there is a limited availability, call now for preferred placement.

Minutes of the Division Meeting, Thursday, October 1, 2009

Ken Granzin, Company Clerk

The meeting was called to order at 7:07

John Williams reported on Bill Siebert’s improving health; he’s doing well.

Unfortunately, Kent Roberts is not doing well. We still hope for a full recovery. Keep him in your thoughts and prayers

John reported on the G-scale layout that was set up by club members at the Western North Carolina State Fair. We won the blue ribbon for the best non-commercial display. Those who oversaw running of the layout passed out 653 flyers.

Fred Coleman reported that the building we will use at the fairgrounds for our 2010 annual show looks good. He has some raffle tickets for club members to sell. Several items will be available for raffling, including a 3’ by 5’ N-scale railroad. The person who sells the most tickets will get a prize.

The Grove Arcade has an empty storefront and would like us to set up our railroad at Christmas time. John will look into the matter.

Fred spoke of our scheduled showings of our railroad at Hendersonville’s Farm-City Day on 3 October and at Black Mountain on 17 October. He encouraged members to participate.

Dan Lang reported that the Apple Valley Club intends to dismantle that section of their railroad that has existed for some time, with intentions to replace it via a project taking perhaps three years to complete.

John said the project at Lake Junaluska is proceeding well.

Ken Granzin reported on our work with the Eliada students in the new room in the barn we now use for that purpose. He said the transition to our new quarters went well and he again encouraged members to participate in this aspect of our club’s outreach efforts.

Joe Norris’ spokesman corrected an earlier report by saying that Railroad Model Craftsman magazine is not going out of business. He wanted the record corrected that the Light Iron Digest was in financial trouble and in talks with Carstens Publications, or possibly cease publication if talks fail to find a new publisher.

Frank Pearsall spoke about his Narrow-Track conclave to be held 10 October.

Jim Fuqua, Paymaster, reported there is sufficient money available in our checking account and in CDs to fund our train show in March.

Rob Bell has resigned as Assistant Superintendent and has been replaced by Frank Pearsall.

There was no clinic presented at this meeting.

Our next meeting will be on Thursday, November 5, starting at 7:00 pm.

The meeting adjourned at 7:44 p.m.


Division AP Update

Joe Norris has received his Civil Engineering Achievement Program Certificate by completing all the requirements as of September of this year. Come to the meeting and congratulate Joe on this achievement.

Keep up the good work! We would like to see your name in a future update.

Thanks to the crew of Fred Coleman, Penn Bullock, Ken Granzin, Maureen Riggins and Wally Brown, who set up and operated the club’s modules at Jackson Park, Hendersonville as part of the town’s “Farm City Days” on a October 2nd.
Fred Coleman and 
guests at 'Farm City Days' Fred Coleman and guests at “Farm City Days” at Jackson Park, Hendersonville on October 2
A good stream of spectators at a Farm City in Hendersonville on October 2. Another view of visitors at 'Farm City Days'
Thanks to the crew of Boyce Brown, Mike DeVore, Penn Bullock, Jim Fuqua, Ken Granzin, Cy Miller, Clint Smoke, and Tim Wagner, who on a cool October 17th, set up and operated the club’s modules at the depot in Black Mountain, as part of the town’s “Fall by the Rails Festival”.
Mike DeVore & Penn Bullock keep trains running at 'Fall by the Rails' Mike DeVore and Penn Bullock get the trains running at “Fall by the Rails” at Black Mountain on October 17
A good turnout at a Autumn Rails 2009 train show in Hendersonville on October 10. A look at 'Autumn Rails 2009'

Uncle Sam Want your dues

Fees are due!

Time to renew membership in the Land O'Sky, Division 15

Again after much discussion, the fees shall remain at $12.00 and are due September 1, 2009 Collection of dues began at our September 3rd meeting. See Jim at our next meeting or please mail to: Jim Fuqua, 2813 Hampton Drive, Hendersonville, NC 28791.