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From the Superintendent

We really do appreciate all of the donations of cars for the operating sessions and for the layout shows.

  For those of you that have not been to any of the operating sessions, you have missed a great experience in several different ways. By using the layout for operations, there have been some changes made that do make it more feasible for running a railroad. We could really use some of your expertise in helping with minor repair or maintenance of the cars, scenery, buildings and adding more people to the layout.  We also have several kits (cars) that have been donated that do need to be assembled and weathered for those of you that might be interested. This year’s SER convention, Trax to the Max, looks like a great event. I encourage all who can to attend. Next year, we will host the SER convention.: We should be supporting this year’s convention and looking for ideas to have a great show here next year. The modules will be going to the Heritage Festival in Bryson City on May 26 which will be a nice outing, if the weather co-operates.

  Again thanks for the donations and help with the modules, which are becoming more of an asset for our outreach to the public as well as members.

Operating sessions

This month’s Op session went very smooth. Most everyone got there at 1:00 pm, and shortly thereafter operations got underway. Eight operators ran 17 trains with 106 cars that moved 9984 tons! We need to have some scenic repairs/additions made on the layout. Every time the layout is moved for showings, scenery is damaged to some degree. Since the last scenic improvement or repairs, the layout has been to two shows along with changes to the track work for improved operations. This has left the need for scenery repair. If anyone can come on our workday (Tuesday afternoons at present), the following areas need attention: Track Ballasting
Industry Signs put in place
Trees planted or replanted
Buildings repaired/glued down

One note of importance concerning the next Op session: The next session will be held on the fifth Sunday this month instead of the fourth. So, our next session will be April 29th at 2;00 p.m. In May, we will have a session on May 12. Because of our activities at Bryson City, we will not have a session on the 4th weekend.