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Compton’s Crossing at Eliada Homes

By Penn Bullock

(Editor’s note: The following is a summary of Penn ‘s comments regarding our involvement with the youth program at Eliada Homes in several sessions during the month of April.)

Compton's Crossing has greeted Spring 2008 with a flourish. This "First" Tuesday of Spring greeted 9 Eliada Youth at the evening "Trains" session. Reuter's Boys "Ruled", arriving first with 4 members, two being "Newbees". Welcome to "Trains", Cody and Jirian. Cumming's 5 Girls, Brooke, Hannah, Karisa, Jennie, and Justine arrived shortly after the Boys and settled in to work on their projects. Eliada Staff members Courtney and Crystal are thanked for their assistance in encouraging the Eliada Youth during the work session. A "Big" Thank You to tonight's "Crew", Tim W., Ken V., and Ken G. It was a very good session.

One could not ask for a more beautiful day at Eliada Homes and Compton's Crossing than today's day.

Although an early morning shower and late evening drizzle may have brought 0.10" of rain, the day was bright , sunny, and in the mid-70's. Eliada's Youth could be seen about the Campus enjoying their daily activities. What a Day!

Cummings and Reuter Cottages, youth, arrived at "Compton's Crossings" on time and ready for work. You could not ask for a more well behaved group of youth. Ten Eliada Youth engaged in a very productive session tonight. Cottage counselors are to be commended for their shepherding duties.

Reuter Cottage Boys arrived with 6 members, 5 Old Hands, and one "Newbee". The Old Hands, Chapel, Zack, Donte, Wayne, and Jirian made up Reuter's "Gandy Dancers" while William is our welcomed "Newbee". These experienced Old hands, drew their "Project Boxes", and went straight to work.

Cummings Cottage's four girls, Martha, Hannah, Jennie and Justine made up a great team of "Gandy Dancers" doing some "fine" railroad work. Good things are being done by these girls. They to are to be commended for their business like approach in drawing their project boxes, selecting needed materials and help, and then getting to work.

What a wonderful group of young people journeyed to "Compton's Crossing" tonight and did good work.

A special thanks to the Eliada Staff that escorted and worked with the Eliada Youth. They made the session extra special tonight. Another special thanks to tonight's crew: Ken V., Boyce, and Ken G. for the time and energy they put into tonight's session. You make "Trains" happen at "Compton's Crossing" !

An interesting evening at Compton's Crossing. Cummings Girls Ruled tonight, arriving on time and ready for work. Earlier events at the cottages limited "Trains" participation to two girls, Hanna and Justine. Their timely arrival, shepherded by Donna, allowed a full 45 minute session. Tonight's activities in diorama construction focused on citing buildings, designing access roads, parking, and sidewalk, paths, basic landscaping, pond construction, and placement of water features'. New skills are being learned and good progress  is being made. The girls are to be commended.

Thanks to Ken V., Ken G., and Boyce for providing assistance needed to make "Trains" happen.